Jackson Motorcycle Leather Jacket Collection

We have unashamedly taken some of the classic styles from last century and given them 21st century features including CE armour and linings appropriate to our conditions. Most of these jackets were designed to keep out the cold in pre global warming UK or USA. In Australia we battle the heat as well, so quilted ruby red linings are removable to leave a cool mesh liner, not sticky nor sweaty. The FCJ is fully perforated for absolute cool and does not include quilted lining.

woollen & cotton linings available to order, pictures here soon

Leather is naked cowhide so soft and supple yet tough as tough.

All available in Rooskin, even tougher, lighter and unbelievable give

You'll notice two distinct finishes in cowhide , we have made each of these styles in a matt finish as well as traditional.

Military jackets and leather pants pages available soon

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GT Roadmaster

Brough, Vincent , Velo, Bathtub Triumph, BMW

class, pure class from UK of yesteryear.




The Dominator

The North Circ to the Ace Caff then off to the Busy Bee,

Tritons, Bonnies, RGS , then Sid Vicious wore one !



The Monza

Welcome to the 1970's-- this is my era, but I should have been at the above.

Quilted patches, cross over flap-- still got my original. The world of Jotas, Desmos, Tridents,and my Le Mans, oh yeah, some people had Jap bikes too.



The Wild One, Marlon Brando wore a Schott Perfecto in the classic film, here's our rendition. Worn by every US generation from 1948, this one in matt.

Harley, Indian but Marlon rode a Triumph !!!!!!!!!!!!


The Sportsman

Later version of the Dominator with snap collar, we've added the action back as well as a few other modern bits. This too in matt black.

Worn by all from LC boyz to the most cultured BM rider , acceptable anywhere , only a hooligan when actually hooliganing !!!!!!!!!



I took the design from Mr Levi Strauss but perforated leather and CE armour never came from him . F Cool Jacket no matter how hot it gets !!!!!!!

All jacket styles can be made in perforated leather, allow 6-8 weeks delivery