A few pictures from clients and some emails, latest July 2011


anyone with any good pix of Jackson jackets or suits with interesting bikes / backgrounds, email them in and I'll put them up (eventually!!!).


Some old testimonials here

More recent ones here

From: John & Mandy <johnmandy@xxx.com.au>
Date: 8 April 2009 5:39:27 PM
To: sales@jacksonracing.com.au
Subject: Jacket photo

Hi Martin

As discussed a while ago, here's a photo of me wearing my Dominator jacket, and my bike a Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone following my 'period' 50s GP makeover. I love the jacket, it's incredibly soft and really comfortable to wear!

Cheers mate

From: "Graeme Cullingford" <graeme@xxx.net.au>
Date: 1 December 2008 8:11:24 AM
To: "'Martin Harvey'" <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Reply-To: <graeme@sla.net.au>

Hi Martin ,

Sorry I haven’t sent photos back of me in the Jacket , Saturday was the first time I’ve worn it !!

It was great , with 7 people asking where I got it from !!

Then I remembered you put cards in the pocket , so I gave them all out !!

The jacket really suits my Cafe racer GB500TT to a T !!

Check out the photos my Mate took !


Happy Xmas !!

Graeme Cullingford

Phil in Monza --late 2008

Added 20/10/2010 I saw links to a forum and tried to join to read what was said Got this back from Phil

From: Phil <gronxx2@gmaixcom>
Date: 19 October 2010 8:53:11 PM
To: Martin Harvey <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Re: Your Backstage forum membership

I actually made mention of your website, posted a link, and recommended the jacket. There were a couple of comments from others saying they liked the style of the jacket, and one bloke reckons he had a similar jacket waaaaay back and loved it. He doesn't ride anymore now though.

How do I make a comment on your website? Or you could post it for me?

The only thing I just couldn't get used to was the body armour so I took it out and just wear the jacket without it. It's the most comfy jacket I've ever owned and I've had a few as I've ridden close to half a million km in my life. It's getting a nice crust of bug guts and is really developing some character.

CheersPhil :)

From: Phil <gronxx2@gmail.xom>
Date: 20 October 2010 6:40:58 PM

G'day Martin

I just visited your website and read the updated comments you added to my pic. Thanks for that.

Next jacket will also be a Jackson. I don't need to hunt round any more as I've found a bloke who understands what real motorcyclists want.

Cheers mate

Phil :)

Adam in Dominator
Kerri in Perfecto
Kate in kid's Perfecto
With brother Az on Dad's Triumph

Paul's made to measure Dominator

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul Brewster
Sent: Thursday, 16 April 2009 8:33 AM
To: 'martin@jacksonracing.com.au'
Subject: FW: Confirmation

Photos as requested. You are welcome to use any on your website if you wish.
No modelling fees will be charged!!!!
The liner arrived yesterday, its a good fit. The jacket is now complete, and one happy customer. Thanks for all your trouble.

Regards, Paul


Andre's brown GT Roadmaster

From: <alschmitz@wxxxet.com.au>
Date: 23 May 2009 6:08:44 PM
To: <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: GT Roadmaster

Hi Martin,

Well the jacket is just great and I appreciate all your help. It certainly keeps out the cold and fits, and feels, fantastic. As promised, here's a photo of me, the jacket, and the bike (pity about the ugly mug). Very nice weather for a ride around the hills east of Perth.

All the best, and thanks again for all your help. Great product at an extremely good price.

Glen Forrest
Western Australia

Andre again-- perfect colour for bike and background.


Shots below and Bruce and Peter

on their

Breeze Logistics water bottle outfit at Broadford 23rd May 2009

For action vids and newly painted outfit click here

From: "W Graham" <therev@hxxxey.net.au>
Date: 29 May 2009 2:59:22 PM
To: <sales@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Dominator Jacket

G'day Martin...............Just like to add my voice of approval to the Guzzi Falcone rider in the current Just Bikes mag re the Dominator jacket I purchased from you about 6 months ago, following our discussions at the Island Classic.

Really nice jacket, extremely happy with it, very very comfortable & very warm now winter is here & I've added the removable liner. It definitely looks the goods on my 66 Bonnie (see pic).

Thanks again & all the best.

Bill G. Sunbury.

From: ian roberts <irpphoto@saxxink.com.au>
Date: 17 June 2009 12:15:36 PM
To: Martin Harvey <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Re: GT Roadmaster Jacket

Hi mate,

Will do some more images for you shortly,

worn it for a few rides, great , never cold even in this cooler weather, I only wear a tee shirt & scarf under it too !


Ian Roberts

Sam had an original Lewis Phil Read Rep suit but it shrank after 37 years so we made him a new one.

But this one has perforated leather, stretch panels and armour that hadn't been thought of then.

Check out the matching Phil Read Arai !!!!!!!!


Tim's made to measure Monza, the Le Mans gives it some perspective ,

Tim is not short and had never had a jacket fit him properly .

More from him as he sends it, I took this as he picked it up

First 2010 shot

Karen came for a jacket, ended up with two, this Perfecto and a black FCJ,

Chris got the GT Roadmaster,

Jerry with his 2010 FCJ 17/4/2010

Apologies for my piss poor photography.

Hope Jerry sends better soon

got this today

From: "Jerry " <acmexxnc@bigponx.com>
Date: 27 April 2010 6:55:06 PM
To: <sales@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: re fcj 2010

Dear Martin, I am very happy with my jacket, it is a super fit and the quality is great. It was not surprisingly, by its very name ,cool (!!) to ride home in 30 degrees! I have also been wearing it whilst not on the bike so a great buy in my view. I highly recommend these as a second or summer jacket. Thanks again. Jerry.(The one with the bad head on the Harley!!)


Dan is 6'5", makes the gixxer look like a toy !!!


From: Daniel <dphxxult@xmaixxcom>
Date: 10 April 2010 11:30:32 AM
To: Martin Harvey <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Re: Recheck suit measurements

Hi Martin,

As promised, I have attached a few pics from the track yesterday.

The suit was fantastic, bit stiff and awkward for the first session as expected but by the end of the day it was nicely broken in and I didn't even notice I was wearing it!

I didn't crash test it which was nice but I'm sure that if/when I do it will hold up very nicely.

Thanks mate, hope there's a photo or two in there you can use.



report here

Gerard, GT Roomaster. 2/10/2010

Words to come from him, maybe in French !!!!

Phil in Dominator

From: philip nolan <pcxxlan@livexom.au>
Date: 18 October 2010 10:24:59 PM
To: <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: best jacket

hi there martin just got back from melbourne ride, wore the domi up and back from townsville she is a brilliant jacket even slept in it is very comfortable and am very happy gave some of the other lads some of your cards so u can expect some more orders, it even doubles as a dress jacket too kool for school so do i get a free fcj now since i am a business promoter ? the photo i have sent is of my 93 year old grandmother dropped in to see her and she loved it to, anyway my friend, thanks very much !!!

From: "David Burne" <sprixx4@bigpond.net.au>
Date: 27 July 2010 7:37:39 PM
To: <sales@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: GT Roadmaster

Hi Martin
Thanks for the rapid delivery. I received the jacket on Monday, and wore it on my ride to work today (Tuedsay). Toasty warm with just a tee shirt and cotton pullover on underneath the jacket (8 degress on the ride in, according to the local air-con place's digital display). It's a heavy mo-fo, isn't it. Excellent jacket, and I will happily distribute the bsuiness cards you put inside the top LHS pocket. Some really nice touches too, like the retainer for the waist belt retaining loop. Very clever.
Thanks also for the tee shirt - should go very well underneath the jacket once things get warmer.
Now I will start to put cash aside for the FCJ........
Photos of me in the jacket with 3 generations of Guzzis (1974 750S, 1985 Le Mans Mk 3, 1996 1100 Sport) will follow.
Dave Burne

Photo added

From: "David Burne" <sprinxx4@bigpondxxet.au>
Date: 5 November 2010 8:22:10 PM
To: <sales@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Dave's GT Roadmaster Photos (at last)

G'Day Martin,

Greg is busy with other crap at present - he's just been accepted into army reserve officer training at 40 years, so he's busy getting in shape for basic training coming up. So sorry no photo from him.

My brother Martyn wants to know if you could make him a long leather coat like the Luftwaffe Officers' leather coats. I told him it might be a bit of an ask, but I'd put it to you.
Found a place in Vic that will do a replacement carbon fibre rear section for me (seat/ducktail etc) for under $500 so I plan to ride to Vic and pick that up and see you and hopefully buy an FCJ off the rack.
You might find my blog interesting, particularly as I am about to add a write-up on your jacket and links to your site. Nothing but good things to say, otherwise I wouldn't be looking at an FCJ and pushing other people in your direction. http://theguzziproject.blogspot.com/
Have a great weekend, and ride fast and safe,
Dave Burne

This one I like a lot-- 2 years ago

Milo bought this GT Roadmaster!!!




From: "Bern O'Reilly" <berxxreilly@optusxnet.com.au>
Date: 28 April 2011 8:13:06 PM
To: <sales@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: test of time and travel on jacket.

Hello and thank you for supplying a quality product.
On picking up my jacket you requested a photo of my bike and myself in the
_Now two years later I respond ,This is the best jacket I have owned for
comfort and quality in a riding history of 35 years. ___
Thank you Milo


Pictures below Arns and team at Motogiro Italy 2010 and by herself in Motociclo's shop.

Her suit made for her, the others have a special FCJ, 2 Dominators and a std FCJ


A few emails

GT Roadmaster

From: "Jeff Lord" <jeflor@picxxxowl.com.au>
Date: 1 July 2011 10:41:35 AM
To: "'Martin Harvey'" <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: RE: Order for jacket


I received the Roadmaster today. The fit is perfect. I am delighted with the jacket and very appreciative of the quality of workmanship and detail in it.

Sincere thanks.

Jeff Lord

Dungarees in Roo

From: matt bold <matonthemove@hxxail.com>
Date: 19 May 2011 8:38:42 AM
To: Marty <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: RE: Roo Dungarees

Gidday Martin,
worn them last night on a trip into town ,they are are absolutely fabulous and even on the Le Mans really comfortable really warm and snug with no cold bit above the trouser line it felt like I was almost naked but not cold at all.Thanks very much once again for accessing me to such a great thing ,should have found the dollars a long time ago.
Cheers have a good trip and will catch up on your return.

GT Roadmaster

From: "Tim Douglas" <timd@intaxxxet.au>
Date: 17 May 2011 11:23:35 AM
To: <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Feedback.

Hi Martin,

I like the jacket. I haven't tried it out on the road yet to see how it
handles, but I'm pleased already. The only drawback is that it looks too
new. I'll look like some cashed-up yuppy! How do you give leather that
well used look?

I also like the thought of supporting an Australian business.

See you,

From: "l.meldrum" <l.meldrum@optuxxet.com.au>
Date: 9 May 2011 6:50:35 PM
To: Martin Harvey <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Re: gt road-master ON WAY

G/Day Martin jacket turned up about 15 minutes ago!. i am wrapped in the quality and workmanship of the jacket do you yourself make them?,fit is good you even have it fitting around the neck! i have a club (norton club) ride this weekend so that will be the big test . thanks again rgds Dave M

From: "Bob Gee" <bob@geewillikers.net>
Date: 6 April 2011 8:36:07 PM
To: "'Martin Harvey'" <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: RE: Jackson jackets now available in Sydney

Hi Martin,

It's taken a while but the wife stumped up the dosh for a Roadmaster for my birthday on Tuesday. It's a fabulous jacket and I would have gone for the version with the removable/convertible fleece lining had I been more into rallying (where it would be a real boon to use when the day's riding is done).

I have yet to wear it in anger (this weekend) but I was wondering what product you might recommend for waterproofing the jacket. I know leather can never be totally waterproof but shower resistant would be good. The web indicates products like Nikwax Leather Restorer or Scotchguard Outdoor Fabrics Protector. Do you have any recommendations?

Best regards,


From: "Boulton, Andrew MR 1" <andrew.xxoulton1@defenxxgov.au>
Date: 9 March 2011 2:45:52 PM
To: <sales@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: GT Roadmaster question [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Dear Jackson Racing

I received a very nice GT Roadmaster jacket as a gift from my partner in Jan. Now that the weather is cooling down I am wearing it more and more - fantastic jacket, comfortable and great design.

I am wondering about protecting the leather in rain etc - do you recommend the leather is treated? If so, what sort of treatment do you think is best? Or is it better to try and avoid as much as possible?

I am also hoping its not too late to register the jacket?
Purchased at Motociclo St Peters Dec 2010 -
Grateful your advice and thanks for a great jacket.



From: "Garry Mason" <garrymason@bigpond.com>
Date: 31 December 2010 8:23:59 PM
To: "'Martin Harvey'" <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: RE: Sportsman Jacket

Hi Martin,
Received the Jacket in the mail yesterday, just thought I would let you know it's a perfect fit !!!!!



Espresso gloves

From: "Motociclo" <motociclo@bigpondxxom>
Date: 24 January 2011 5:38:27 PM
To: "'Martin Harvey'" <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: roo gloves

Hi Martin,
Just received a bit of feedback from the gloves. Thought this may interest you.

Gday Nicole and John,

those kangaroo leather gloves are beaut - I reckon they have to be cooler than riding without gloves - they protect hands from sun/sunburn etc and are light as a feather - any breeze goes straight through the gloves - so hands stay nice and cool and protected despite the leather being black - win win - in summer at least.

FCJ in beige

From: siegfried kasinski <siegfrixnski@hoxtmail.com>
Date: 20 November 2010 10:51:23 AM
To: <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: nice jacket mate

hey Martin ! got my jacket midweek, 100% happy with the deal, not quite convinved about my coulor choice,
theoreticly, it's a perfect jacket, it has just such unconventional appearance, but, there is great satisfaction in pulling it off,
on that thought, i got to go now and cut the fairing on my 900 supersport................ hmm
as soon as i get some pictures i'll send u some



From: Cieran O'Callaghan <cixxno@hotmail.com>
Date: 20 September 2010 6:01:36 PM
To: <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: RE: Dominator

Hi, I forget to get back to you, the Jacket is perfect and all is well.
Cieran from Coffs.

From: martin@jacksonracing.com.au
To: ciexxno@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Dominator
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 15:46:59 +1000

Hope you got 46 and it's perfect, let me know please.




From: "Hendrik " <hendrixxyling@bigpond.com>
Date: 14 September 2010 12:33:24 AM
To: "Martin Harvey" <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Re: Monza 42

Hi Martin
I received the jacket today. Thank you very much, I'm very pleased with it. Thankyou for the T shirt.
Hendrik Greyling.


From: "Stuckey, Greg" <Greg.xxuckey@ato.gov.au>
Date: 11 August 2010 2:24:00 PM
To: <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: FW: Money Sent

Hi Martin,

Jacket arrived today, it's great, fits like a glove. Great service, and fantastic product. I've worn out 2 jackets in the last 4 years but I'll be battling to wear this out. Thanks
Greg Stuckey

Donnington made to measure trousers

From: "IMR/Ashley Batty & Daryl Speakman" <inxxetal@bigpond.net.au>
Date: 2 August 2010 3:57:39 PM
To: "'Martin Harvey'" <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: RE: Do they fit ?

Sorry Martin was away for a few days. They arrived safely and are a fine fit indeed.
Thanks again

GT Roadmaster

From: "David Burne" <sprixx4@bigpond.net.au>
Date: 27 July 2010 7:37:39 PM
To: <sales@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: GT Roadmaster

Hi Martin

Thanks for the rapid delivery. I received the jacket on Monday, and wore it on my ride to work today (Tuedsay).
Toasty warm with just a tee shirt and cotton pullover on underneath the jacket (8 degress on the ride in, according to the local air-con place's digital display).
It's a heavy mo-fo, isn't it.
Excellent jacket, and I will happily distribute the bsuiness cards you put inside the top LHS pocket. Some really nice touches too, like the retainer for the waist belt retaining loop. Very clever.
Thanks also for the tee shirt - should go very well underneath the jacket once things get warmer.
Now I will start to put cash aside for the FCJ........
Photos of me in the jacket with 3 generations of Guzzis (1974 750S, 1985 Le Mans Mk 3, 1996 1100 Sport) will follow.
Dave Burne


From: Ian Barker <ianbarkxx@bigpond.com>
Date: 17 July 2010 1:21:15 PM
To: Martin Harvey <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Re: perfecto

top jacket, neat fit, will be excellent jacket once worn in thank you Ian

A Dominator and then a Perfecto a few weeks later

From: Troy Lourens <i_goxxxxckleys@hotmail.com>
Date: 25 June 2010 9:11:09 PM
To: <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: RE: 2010 Dominator Jacket size 44

Hi Martin,
Just a quick email to let you know i still plan on getting the perfecto. Ive just been made redundant (the store closed down) so that held things up a little.
The dominator jacket is nicely worn in now. Feels great!
Ive gotta head down your way soon. Is there any chance of stopping by to check sizes on the Perfecto and, obviously buy?
And, without pushing my luck, would i save more cash by picking it up?

Troy Lourens

From: jonathan <jonathan_bensons@yxx.au>
Date: 24 May 2010 11:42:34 AM
To: Martin Harvey <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Re: Jackets inquiry(sportsman in matt)

Hi Martin,
the jacket is great, just in time for winter.


One from my very best best customer, Nicole at Motociclo

The last of the Moto Giro team, photos are promised, event sounds awesome, I'd be there like a shot. 6 from Aus wearing Jackson !!!!

This lady got a special Sportsman & Donnington pants made to measure

From: "motociclo" <motociclo@bigpond.com>
Date: 19 May 2010 11:54:24 AM
To: "'Martin Harvey'" <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: custom jacket and pants for Arns

Hi Martin,
Just wanted to let you know that the custom ladies jacket and pants was a "PERFECT" fit and she was so happy. So thank you very much.
She is going to make sure that photos get taken of the group with t-shirts on and leathers on.
I took a photo of her in the shop yesterday so will send that to you shortly.

Thanks again,

Kind Regards
02 9557 7234

From: "Simon Walsh" <simon@walxxom.au>
Date: 12 May 2010 4:50:11 PM
To: <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: RE: Jacket Sizing.
Reply-To: "Simon Walsh" <simon@walsh.com.au>


Just wanted to drop you a note and say that the jacket arrived today and is a great fit, snug as you described but at the same time it also allows plenty of movement. I was a little hesitant at first buying it over the internet sight unseen, but after receiving it today the quality and finish of the Jacket beats other well respected brands hands down.

I'll send you pic when I'm out next on my Victory.

Simon Walsh


From: Roger Farrell <rogerandmargo@livxxcom.au>
Date: 2 April 2010 12:41:51 PM
To: <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: RE: Order of Sportsman Black Leather Jacket

Hi Martin,
Jacket has arrived and fits like a glove. I love it... will send photo when I get a minute.


Jackson Gold 2 piece

From: TBostock@directoryconceptxxcom.au
Date: 25 February 2010 11:31:08 AM
To: "Martin Harvey" <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Re: wrong number

Hi Martin,

Received the suit yesterday, wore it for 7 hours last night - didnt really want to take it off. Did 8 runs down at drag strip. Suit feels great, can feel it starting to wear in already. Sizing is perfect, nice and light, soft leather.

Thank you very much for your help in all of this. I will put up a review on SMA when I get chance. Defiantly recommended!


His report here


From: "Michael Krumins" <mpk68@gmxvvcom>
Date: 28 January 2010 11:34:03 AM
To: "Martin Harvey" <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Re: Address

Hi Martin,
I got the jacket yesterday and it surpassed all my expectations. It fact it couldn't have been better. The quality and the attention to detail are fantastic. I was particularly taken with the custom touch of the name tag, and the leather is so soft and thick. The fit is perfect (as is that of the t-shirt: a great bonus). Enough raving.

Needless to say I am bound to get many compliments and questions as to where I got such a fine piece, and I will of course sing the praises of both your products and the warm, efficient service you provided. You provide the full package and in this day and age it is indeed rare. Thank you once again. I am determined to look after it and am sure it will give me many years of safe and enjoyable riding.

Perfect! cheers


Dominator 2010
From: pamhulland@netscxxe.net
Date: 22 January 2010 3:04:39 PM
To: martin@jacksonracing.com.au
Subject: Re: Leather Jackets in Stock
Hi Martin,
I got my jacket this morning and can see why you would be gloating, one of each would be fantastic. I love it. I'm afraid the number of car crashes in Wollongong are going to rise now as the poor cagers will all stop watching the road to admire how cool I look and bump into each other - ha.
Thanks for your prompt service.
Yours, Pam
From: Martin Harvey <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Thanks Pam
Wasn't really a sales technique, although a lady did buy two last week, because choice was too hard. only meant I like both, gloating really !!
Let me know what it fits like when you get it.
pamhulland@netscxxe.net wrote:
Hi Martin,
I love your thinking, you have one of each because you can. Interesting sales technique! I'll start with one please and have transferred $595 for the 2010 Dominator, see how it goes. Thanks, Pam


From: Jane Gorton <gregandjaneg@bigponxxcom>
Date: 9 December 2009 6:31:23 PM
To: martin@jacksonracing.com.au
Subject: perfecto 40

Hi Martin,
Thank you for the jacket my husband loves it.
Regards Jane


From: "Malcom Schier" <malcom@schiexxcom.au>
Date: 17 November 2009 10:33:53 AM
To: <sales@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Bloody Good Jacket

Gidday Martin, hope you're enjoying your trip.

I'd recently bought a dominator from you, I had a 'Get Off' on the weekend, I'm ok (very slight scuff marks, I was wearing your jacket, draggin jeans and boots that are a Motocross/Tourer hybrid - saved my ankle from breaking), bike is totalled.

Some slight damage to the jacket - some zips need replacing etc.

I rang and spoke to Natalie, she suggested I deal direct with Don Cristiano, So I will be sending the jacket to him and get it sorted.

Thanks for supplying me with an excellent jacket !!!!!!

Malcom Schier


Made to measure Perfecto

From: peter hill <pedrovonhill@hotmailxxom>
Date: 25 October 2009 2:06:45 PM
To: <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: RE:

hi! martin
just want to say i recieved the jacket and
thank you
fits perfectly and im very happy with it
again thanks for doing the job

have a nice day



From: "Venn, Nick" <Nick.Venn@badxxrogilvy.com.au>
Date: 7 September 2009 9:42:57 PM
To: "Martin Harvey" <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: RE: Nick Venn Dominator Sz 42

Hi Martin,

Just a quick note to say I am chuffed with the Dominator. It's comfy and fits very well. I rode out to Yarra Glen on Saturday and it was perfect the whole way, nice and warm. I took the armour out and tried it on and it looks great as a normal leather jacket. I am sure I will get plenty of wear out of it and it will serve me well. I am also very happy with the price...truly great value compared to everything else I have seen.


made to measure Brown Perfecto

From: "Susanne & Gregory Thompson" <dweg@axxxt.net.au>
Date: 6 June 2009 2:06:51 PM
To: <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: jacket

Hello Martin
We received Greg's Jacket on Friday he is very pleased with it ,it fits like a glove.

We will get a photo off to you in a week or two
Once again thanks for such good service Greg will let everyone know where he had the jacket made.

Regards Sue & Greg


From: <Rees.Fleming@blxxxdawson.com>
Date: 4 June 2009 12:27:59 PM
To: <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: RE: Rees Fleming - Dominator 44

Dear Martin,
Just got the jacket - it is a beautiful piece of kit!! Fits nicely with the liner in so it looks like we got the size spot on.
Will take some photos this weekend and send them to you.
Thanks for all your help.
Cheers, Rees

From: "Huw Jones" <welsh1@iprxx.com.au>
Date: 22 May 2009 11:04:58 PM
To: "Martin Harvey" <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Re: dominator price measurement

Hi Martin,
Just picked up the domi jacket from the post office,
looks and fits great thanks.      Huw
----- Original Message -----
From: Martin Harvey
To: Huw Jones
Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 4:10 PM
Subject: Re: dominator price measurement

On it's way, you'll see it in a couple of days, if you get the chance get a picture of you in it , on or with bike, for my customer page-- with any comments
On 19/05/2009, at 12:26 AM, Huw Jones wrote:
Hello again Martin,
 Just transfer $520 into you're account, reference should be Huw domi jacket.
This is in payment for a Dominator jacket in black naked cowhide.
 My Measurements are Expanded chest with a couple of fingers  46 inches
Hight  180cm
weight  93kg
 Other jacket Dri rider Nordic 2,   54/44xl,  slightly tight with quilted liner fitted and wearing a jumper. (probably because its a 44)
 Thanks,  Huw Jones.

From: Nathan Paul <nate_paul8502@hxx.com>
Date: 22 April 2009 8:29:54 PM
To: Martin <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: RE: motosuit

Hey Martin,

Just letting you know that I have received the motosuit. Fits perfectly!! thats again!!

Cheers Nathan

From: "Carol Livingstone" <carol.livingstone@xx.com.au>
Date: 8 April 2009 3:04:57 PM
To: "Martin Harvey" <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Re: jacket 42 Matt Monza

Hi Martin,

Jacket arrived and it looks great.



Tony is 6'6" !!!!!! we made him a custom suit and special jacket

From: "Tony Jensen" <jenseninteriors@xxx.com.au>
Date: 12 March 2009 12:31:25 PM
To: <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Custom Suit

Hi Martin,

I have received the custom suit yesterday thank you.

The suit fits perfectly and I am really happy with it. Look forward to seeing the jacket.

Thanks again.
Tony Jensen.

Ron bought a Perfecto

From: "Rod Goodall" <rgoodall@xxx.com>
Date: 22 December 2008 7:53:46 PM
To: <sales@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Marlon Brando Jacket

Hi Martin,

The jacket arrived today. You've done it again!! a perfect fit.

A lovely jacket, nice quality, last forever I'd expect.

My recollections are that leather might shrink if soaked. Any tips to be had for looking after this jacket?

Best regards,

Rod Goodall

Jason bought a Sportsman after mate bought a Monza

From: "Leanne Stone" <lenniemonster@xxx.net.au>
Date: 1 December 2008 11:52:52 PM
To: <sales@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Dominator Jacket

I'm chasing one of the above mentioned jackets. A mate of mine bought one of your Monza jackets last week and it looks great :)

Size wise i'm a 44inch chest and a 42 in the waist or thereabouts...usually wear an XL in most things.

If you could flick me the info regarding payment etc... My postal/contact details are below.


Jason Stone

From: "Jason Stone" <modoc@ixx.net.au>
Date: 9 December 2008 6:03:40 PM
To: "Martin Harvey" <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Matt black Sportsman

Heya Martin,
Arrived safe and sound today and fits like a glove :) Perfect!!

Thanks again!!

Grant bought a Dominator

From: "Munich Motorcycles" <munich@xx.net.au>
Date: 11 November 2008 12:59:46 PM
To: "Martin Harvey" <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Re: Domi payment

Hi Martin,

I received the jacket yesterday which I was very happy about, thanks for getting it away quickly.
I`m impressed with the overall quality, in particular the leather itself.
The size is spot on - very happy , its exactly what I`m after.


Grant Kerr


Not a new jacket but a kid's Motosuit

From: Super Steve <blyzes@xx.com>
Date: 11 December 2008 12:11:17 AM
To: Martin Harvey <martin@jacksonracing.com.au>
Subject: Re: I'll pay the extra freight

We received the suit on Saturday. You make the best suits, If you make any more you be sure to send me an email.
I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and best wishes to you and yours Martin.

Not Steve's boy but the Monkeyboy himself


many more pix on http://monkey-boyz.com

Good race shots of Joe in Motosuit in UK 2007 here