Mens sizing--- chest in inches--- but height and weight also affect size, if larger or taller , go up one size, please ring or email to confirm size. Tell us your existing jacket / suit size too.

This is a nominal chest measurement in inches and is universal leather race suit/jacket measurement. Please note there is also a European system which does not involve milimetres, centimetres or any kind of metres. They use the inch measurement and add ten. therefore a 42 inch suit becomes a 52 in Euros, cunning . Again if you do not know your size please ring or email.

Jackets in new range are usually in stock at Motociclo size 40-48 mens 8-12 in ladies

Jeans and Donnington quilted leather pants in stock most sizes, again nominal waist in inches.

WON-Z rain suit is sized to go over existing jacket, sizes M. - XXL will


Made To Measure Service ---- We specialise in Roo, email enquiries please, any style, made for you

Whilst most people fit off the peg, some of us are too tall, too short, wide, we specialise in fitting these people. Please email to discuss.

We are happy to provide a made to measure service for jackets, pants, motosuits or full leather suits. Your colours, designs and logos can all be used. Allow 12 weeks for delivery and full payment must be paid with order. enquire now for your quote

Please use this measurement chart and fill in the following

1. Shoulder Width- From outside of shoulder bone to outside of shoulder bone. Measured across the shoulders behind the neck.
2. Neck- Around neck just below Adams apple.
3. Front Length- From lowest point of neck to waist
4. Chest- Around fullest part of chest under arms, standing straight up with arms at side .
5. Waist- Around waist, 1-2" below naval.
6. Hips- Around fullest part of hips/buttocks .
7. Thigh- Around fullest part of upper thigh .
8. Knee- Around knee.
9. Calf- Around fullest part of calf.
10. Ankle- Around leg cuff, directly above anklebone.
11. Sleeve/Arm Joint- Around top of shoulder through armpit with arm semi-relaxed.
12. Arm Length- From top of arm/shoulder bone to wrist bone- arm straight at side.
13. Bicep- Around fullest part of bicep with arm bent across stomach and flexed.
14. Forearm- Around fullest part of forearm with arm bent and flexed.
15. Wrist- At arm cuff round wrist bone.
16. Back Length- From base of neck (t-shirt collar) to waist (undershorts waistline).
17. Leg Length- From waist (undershorts waistline) to leg cuff (just above ankle bone).
18. Inseam- From crotch to leg cuff.
19. Knee Height- From leg cuff to center of knee cap.
20. Total Height- From top of head to floor.
21. Suit Height- From neck (collar) to leg cuff.
22. Weight